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NEF awards scholarships to qualified high school students, undergraduates, and post-graduate students who can demonstrate financial need.

Sigma Gamma Rho Members Only

Regional Scholarships

Beatrice Fox Scholarship | Central

Laura J. Hawkins Scholarship | Northeastern

Evelyn Hawkins Hood Scholarship | Southeastern

Lizzie B. Miller Scholarship | Southwestern

Claudia A. Whitmore Scholarship | Western

NEF Scholarships

Ruben Bussey, Esq. Law Scholarship

Dr. ReJesta V. Perry Scholarship

Vivian D. Tillman Scholarship

​Dr. Lorraine A. Williams Scholarship

Philo Sallie A. Williams

Philo Geneva Young

Seven Founders Scholarships

NEF General Scholarships

Donor Scholarships

Drs. Katie K. & Joseph C. White Memorial Scholarship

Dr. LaRona J. Morris Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Alice McNeely Swain Endowed Memorial Scholarship

Dr. Cleo S. Higgins Scholarship

Dr. Santana & Karen Williams Scholarship

David & Corine J. Green Scholarship

Rodney Vernell Memorial Scholarship

Delta Sigma Chicago Alumnae Chapter Scholarship

Lovette Hood, Jr. Ministerial Scholarship

Inez Thomas Colson Memorial Scholarship

Land of Lincoln Scholarships

Jennifer Lauren Wheatley Memorial Scholarship

Book Scholarships

Lillie J. and Cornell Van Landingham Book Scholarship

Minnie & William Blakely Book Scholarship

Rev./Dr. Leatrice J. W. Emeruwa Book Scholarship 

Scholarship Application Instructions


Thank you for your interest in the National Education Fund (NEF) scholarship program. NEF offers need-based scholarships and requires that each applicant complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as part of assessing financial need. The next page contains our scholarship application in which the following items are needed to complete the application:

1. Wallet size picture of applicant (240 x 336 pixels): For publishing in our publication, if awarded.


2. Transcript: Most recent transcript of completed work through the las completed term from a high school or college/university. 


3. Verification of Financial Need:

a. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the next academic year.

b. After submitting, or filing, your FAFSA, you will receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) from FAFSA within 3-5 days, if you provided a valid email address. Your SAR will be sent via postal mail within 7-10 days if you did not submit a valid email address.

c. You will need to submit a copy of your Student Aid Report (SAR) for the next academic year with your scholarship application to verify financial need. Please note: NEF no longer accepts personal tax returns for verification of financial need due to the inclusion of very sensitive personal information. 


4. After receiving your FAFSA SAR, your institution will provide you a Financial Aid Award Letter for the next academic year. You will need to submit a copy of this Financial Aid Award Letter with your scholarship application.

a. This Award Letter can typically be found in the online student portal provided by your institution.

b. For graduating high school seniors: Please provide the Financial Aid Award Letter only for the institution you have committed to attend in the fall term. 


5. For newly admitted students at all levels: Letter of acceptance by an institution of higher learning.


6. Two (2) letters of recommendation (excluding family members): This is not required for NEF Scholars who have received an award in the past two years (2017 & 2018).


7. Uploads: The preferred format for uploads is PDF of a size no larger than 850KB. The PDF file size can be compressed using Adobe Acrobat or a free online service. Note that scholarship applications are considered complete with all supplemental documents successfully uploaded. 

For more information or questions, please contact Dr. Syreeta Greene, Scholarship Chair, at with subject "Scholarship Application." 

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